Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Anthropologie August 2013 Highlights

I got the August 2013 Anthropologie catalogue in the mail yesterday, and instantly fell in love.  Here's to sharing some of my favorite morsels with all y'all:

Let's just start with the way they print their covers.   If I've taken anything away from art school,
its an undying love for images printed on matte paper, which is just how Anthro handles their catalogue covers.  Top that off with a beautifully lit garden and a maroon lace peplum dress, and I don't think there's many more check boxes you need to please this vintage lover.  I also love the simply elegant type, but that's coming up soon in droves.  For now, perfectly overgrown garden paths are all I need to be in awe.

The next morsel I fell in love with was a combination of the simple, elegant design on the stark white pages, paired with light and airy photography.  Tree-lined streets and adorable street lamps are perks too. 

Oh, and those yellow oxfords don't hurt either (Not that I could afford them, but they sure are pretty to look at!).

I think we can end with this adorable bunny purse unapologetically hanging in some leafy green foliage.  How adorable :)

Well that's all I've got for tonight!  Sweet dreams, all y'alls!

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