Friday, June 10, 2016

Wardrobe Staples

Even though I'm a lover of prints and all things quirky, I, like most people, have come to understand that amongst any wardrobe there must be some staples.  Those pieces that provide ground for the really
great trendy pieces, and help break up crazy prints, fun accessories, and more crazy prints.  These are your bread and butter folks, they are your wardrobe staples. Among my most prized wardrobe staples sit these five fantastic friends: the blue button down, the black legging, the cream shirt, the acid wash skater skirt, and the cropped trench.

The Black Legging:

This crucial wardrobe element is your ticket to warm and comfortable in the fall and winter.  I also use them in the spring and summer when I want to wear cute things to work but they don't pass the fingertip test.  Plus, I'm moving, pushing boxes, etc., so it's best for me to wear leggings under most skirts/dresses. They help ground outfits, and I also like them because I think the black is more slimming than other color leggings. They are an all around win for me. 

The Cream Top:

Because I love detail, even my 'basic white top' has to be a crochet cream crop, obviously. I like it because it does its' job providing contrast against darks and prints, but it also has some interest so it doesn't come off as being too basic in comparison.  It provides a great base for many of my outfits.


The Acid Wash Skater:

I love this little denim skirt.  It's great for two main reasons (and I'm sure a zillion other little reasons): it's denim, and it's a skater.  Skater skirts are really great for my body type because I'm short and have wide hips, so the flare makes both of those things less obvious.  The fact that it's denim is amazing because that means it goes with practically everything, and it wears well.  A denim skirt does wonders for outfitting.

The Blue Button Down:

This gem is great for casual and business casual, depending on what you pair it with.  It's so versatile, and it again, matches most things. A subtle pinstripe pattern can mix with many other bolder patterns, creating a very simple partner in print mixing.  If you find the perfect button down, don't let it go!

The Cropped Trench:

This staple is one that is especially beneficial if you're short like me.  It's a great light jacket for spring, and its very versatile, just like a regular trench coat.  Unfortunately every full length trench coat I've ever tried on has been horribly unflattering, so you can imagine my joy upon finding this cropped version!  Regardless of which works for you though, a trench is a great staple for spring. 

- The Lovely Red Fox

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