Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Cheese, Please!

As part of our anniversary festivities, Drew and I made up a cheese plate.  Now, we're a little crazy, and we're actually like kind of hard core foodies, so this is not our first cheese plate rodeo. We've both got a soft spot for cheese (pun intended), and we love to grab a bottle of good wine, go pick out some good looking cheese at Whole Foods, and sit around munching and watching Netflix. Above is an example of one of our cheese plates, all laid out and styled.  

We usually go for three cheeses of varying hardness, but sometimes two of the same type catch our eye.  Then we like to add in other accouterments, such as berry preserves, honey, a pile of prosciutto, and a fresh sliced pear or apple.  This makes it so you can mix and match flavors in different ways and get the most out of your cheese feast!

For this plate in particular, we picked out a Guilloteau Saint Angel Brie, a Bellavitano Merlot, and a BCC Gouda Truffle, all of which were superb (especially the brie, it was like butter!).  We finished off the plate with a pear and preserves from Whole Foods, some Applegate prosciutto, and cracker sheets from All About Appetizers, which are especially fun because you break off your own sized cracker as you eat!  These crackers are fresh, and so much tastier than your normal boxed cracker.  They really complement different cheeses well, but they are also fun to snack on on their own! 

Finally, we grabbed a bottle of Aspall, which is a dry english cider that was light and a tasty complement to our cheeses.  All in all it was a great cheese plate date!

- The Lovely Red Fox

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