Thursday, June 2, 2016

Mornings in Mint

Photographing my outfits in the morning has been a really great thing for me as of late.  I love waking up early and getting out before I really start my day— smelling spring in the air, and getting the light when its just breaking the treeline.  The lighting is a dream and its so peaceful watching the dew glisten in the sunlight and seeing people briskly walking their dogs in the morning glow.  I get my pictures before the day really sets in, then I pack up my things, stop back home and have time to stop for coffee and breakfast before going to work.  Somehow its very not stressful doing all this in the morning at 6am.  The day has barely started, you're fresh and ready to take on the world, and there's something magical about being awake and productive this early.  I'm getting to see nature at its most magical hour.  

Forever 21 Body Chain and Earring Cuff | Forever 21 Mint Blouse | Francesca's Watch | Dance Shoes from High School

- The Lovely Red Fox

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