Thursday, April 10, 2014

Throwback Thursday: The Paper Hangar

I'm going to make today's throwback post pretty short, sweet and to the point due to the fact that I've got a big weekend quickly approaching.  The photos from this post are from the fall before last (hard to believe that's over a year ago now!), from my cognarium series.  One of my favorite elements of these
shoots was the fashion styling.  Honestly, these projects are probably the reasons I have a blog at all.   I loved coming up with outfits to fit such specifically themed hats.  Sometimes it would seem almost impossible to style a sufficient outfit for something so detailed, but a lot of the time it was fun.

The Paper Hangar was especially fun because the space really did seem secluded and like it could possibly be from another time and place.  I loved staging the sets and then spending the afternoon with the silence of nature, modeling in the world of the cognarium.

The Outfit and About it:

Forever 21 black romper.  One of the first rompers I ever bought.  I seriously think rompers may be my favorite silhouette in clothing. 

Forever 21 white and black leotard. Very versatile and works wonderfully as a layering piece. 

belt. borrowed from my mother's closet.

The Lovely Red Fox hat. A seafoam green sea-side inspired hat with brown trim and green toned plume feathers.  

Simply Vera cream knit tights.  A nice alternative to my usual dark colored tights.  They may not be the most slimming, but I definitely like mixing it up once and a while.

American Eagle black flats.   A staple in my wardrobe.  These flats are my go-to comfortable black flat. 

- The Lovely Red  Fox

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