Thursday, April 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Bowties by the Lovely Red Fox

This week's throwback is all about bowties that I've constructed for my Lovely Red Fox projects.  I started making fun patterned bowties because I felt like I wanted to see bowties that were stylish that
could be worked into a girly wardrobe.   I love that bowties are quirky and not your usual day to day accessory.

Overall, these images were all styled by me for lookbooks.  There are a lot of different instances where a bowtie can work in an outfit.  If you're going for a simple outfit with a bowtie as a bold statement accessory, a plain or plaid button down or chambray will make a nice cleanly styled outfit with good contrast.   I sometimes like to add another layer to a bowtie outfit with an interesting sweater or shirt (or romper!) that compliments the pattern on the tie. 

Outfits in Order of Appearance:

Forever 21 Chiffon button down // Lovely Red Fox bowtie

Jones New York burgundy blouse // Urban Outfitters blue romper // Simply Vera knit tights // Lovely Red Fox bowtie and hat 

White blouse from my mother's closet // Forever 21 cat shorts // Old Navy jeggings // Lovely Red Fox bowtie

Forever 21 striped shirt // Forever 21 collar insert // Lovely Red Fox bowtie

Forever 21 beaded sweater // Forever 21 Chiffon button down // Lovely Red Fox bowtie

- The Lovely Red Fox

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