Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Textured Trimmings

This quick Ootd represents a style that I am really drawn to.  I've found that recently I've been interested in unique pairs of higher waisted shorts in different fabrics or displaying quirky prints.  I love this blue-toned outfit because I love the subtlety of the blue within the textured shorts.  It gives them a matte look, but still carries an air of sophistication with it.  I'm also partial to the blue tone because it brings out the blue tones in my eyes!

Another feature that I appreciate about this styling is the use of colored socks to pull together the color palette.  The ice mint blue shade works with the silver tones in the necklace linking the outfit and balancing the colors head to toe.   

The Outfit and About it:

F21 Blouse.  This shirt has made some interesting transitions in my wardrobe in the past year.  It is an interesting piece as a standalone shirt, layering shirt, and shirt to show off interesting collar inserts.  Quite versatile!

Francesca's Necklace.  This beaded necklace is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry, though I don't often get the chance to wear it.  It is a pretty dressy necklace and easily adds a dressy touch to an outfit. I love that it has a silvery/ blur color palette, and that it ties in a bow in the back.

F21 Shoes. These shoes have become a staple in my closet, as they are flat and black and thus are comfortable and match most things.  I love that they are also stylish and feature a red toned sole.

F21 Textured Shorts.  Over the winter I bought a few pairs of shorts like these — high-waisted, textured and unique.  I love the style that goes along with this style of bottoms, and I'm interested in seeing how I can transition them into spring and summer.

- The Lovely Red Fox

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