Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The 6 piece challenge: Recognizing Your Personal Style

Personal style is an ever evolving thing.  It blossoms and shifts without our having even realized it sometimes.  We may go through a phase where we're partial to wearing fedoras, or we might become an avid adopter of jeans and sweaters.  Whatever your style, sometimes its good to take a step back and recognize themes in your wardrobe.

I decided that to capture a good overview of my current personal style, I would choose six pieces of clothing from my closet that are of significance in my current fashion interests.   The pieces may
represent a silhouette style I like, a pattern I'm into, a texture that I've been wearing, or a color that I'm drawn to.

The pieces that I chose were:  a pair of silvery shorts, a fuzzy cardigan, a printed A-line dress, a black blazer, a black romper, and a pair of skinny black pants.   All together the pieces make up a nice overview of my day-to-day wardrobe.  The overview shows that I enjoy interesting textures, such as the fuzziness of the sweater or the texture of the shorts, and I am more drawn to form fitting bottoms such as the skinny pants or the A-line dress (tights would be worn with the dress, which are form fitting).

It also shows that I have an interest in girly or quirky prints such as the heart print on the pants or the flower print on the dress.  On the other hand, the array indicates that I appreciate a pulled together, sophistocated look as indicated by the blazer, and the lace of the romper.  Finally, the spread reflects my subdued color palate of the moment.  Lately I've been opting for subtle pastel shades contrasted with blacks and greys.

I think I may do this exercise every season or so, just to get a snapshot of how my style is evolving.  You may not feel the need to do this, but I do urge you to go to your closet and try it out at least once.  Make a conscious decision to identify what it is that you're into at the moment.  Identifying your clothing trends can make it easier to get ready for your day on mornings when you're struggling to figure out what to wear, or when you're out shopping for new clothes.  You can ask yourself, "What styles have I been drawn to lately? What do I already have that this would go with?"  Sometimes buying a few different pieces that have the same kind makes it easy to style consistent looks from day to day without repeating the exact same outfit.  I've found that I've collected a few different pairs of embroidered shorts lately, and each puts a slightly different spin on my outfits.

- The Lovely Red Fox

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