Thursday, January 14, 2021

A December Hiatus


If you're a frequent reader of this blog you may have noticed a wee hiatus that I've taken for the last month and a half.  In one of my last posts I mentioned the ways in which the pandemic has seeped into the crevices of our lives, and the emotional marathon that this whole past year has been.  To be totally truthful I hadn't intended to take a break on here— much less a month+ long hiatus, but here we are.  The holiday season often holds some challenges for me: I have worked retail for a good chunk of my adult life, and the holiday season always has a way of sucking you into a black hole when the holiday season hits and you work retail.  But honestly that has become less and less of an issue in the past few years, and for one of the first times in recent years I had anticipated this might be a year I could actually look forward to the holidays — and then of course the pandemic hit.  This year was emotionally tolling and weird in so many ways, and yet I hadn't anticipated the odd mix of feelings I would endure this holiday.  

Obviously the Christmas season couldn't happen 'like normal' this year, but through all the other holidays I found some solace in decorating or doing something special regardless — celebrating at home and whatnot.  And most of the holidays were truly ok like that — and to be clear I am totally thankful for the Christmas that my husband and I celebrated here at home together: we made a special meal and ate by candlelight and did the tree and all that.  And it was special and a touch magical.  

But the season itself... was honestly hard.  It was hard not being with family for Christmas, and this season that usually adds warmth to the descent into winter just couldn't be present this year.   It felt odd to say the least.  And to be totally frank, I haven't been on here much simply because I was truly depressed for a lot of December, despite trying to go through the motions.  I had shoots planned, and this one was the only one that actually came to fruition, and even this was a rough one... and I'm posting it mid January if that says anything!  I honestly just forgot how to function there for a little bit.

It's happening slowly, but I am making every effort to get back on the horse, find myself again, and give myself some grace in doing so at the same time.  I have some exciting projects and developments on the horizon in the coming months, and I'm very excited to share them on here when they're all finalized.  So keep an ear to the ground here and I'll be back next week with another winter shoot for you guys. 

Thanks for reading!

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— The Lovely Red Fox

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