Thursday, January 28, 2021

Finding the Light


Winter is a time that, though I struggle to push through the chilling temperatures, I truly do love to explore nature.  I think it can be under-valued in terms of nature's beauty.   On one hand, we can see the barren forests as bleak and lifeless, but I always think it feels a bit eerie and magical when there's a fresh dusting of snow and a thin layer of ice on the ponds.  The tree branches can have really interesting shapes and they all feel a bit haunted — I think there's some intrigue to that!  Not to mention, a lot of the brush has interesting shape and color to it in the winter, making for a monochromatic, subtle wonderland. 

Just be careful to take note of where you're traipsing through — the first photo in this series ended up being a happy accident, as I plunged into the brush with my camera timer on, I was instantly caught and snagged by a couple of conniving bushes with unforgiving thorns on them!  It took me 10 minutes + a kind stranger's assistance to free myself from them, and all the subsequent shots were taken *in front* of all the brush!   But this capture from the very first burst ended up being the best one to go with!

Ryu Coat | Modcloth Earrings | Sperry Boots

Until Next Time, 

— The Lovely Red Fox

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