Thursday, January 21, 2021

Midwinter Mood


In the winter I always find some comfort in shooting a few more series at home, simply because of the cold.   Sometimes I kid myself telling myself that it will take less time this way, but that's hardly ever the case.  For this one I had to shift our Christmas tree to another room and empty out and re-style the shelves, so it probably took longer than if I had gone to the woods!  Regardless, I've wanted to do an indoor shoot with candles for a while, so I'm glad I finally got to it!

This scene was supposed to be for midwinter/ yule, and as I had mentioned in my last post, I'm quite a bit behind in execution on that, coming in at a full month later!  But I had to post anyways because I really loved the aesthetic with my home-made yule crown made of pine branches and pinecones, as well as my velvet Anna Sui x ModCloth dress that I'm head over heels for.  I got it second hand off Poshmark and could not be happier with it!!!

Also, there's a hint in these images of things to come if you're paying very close attention...

Until Next Time, 

— The Lovely Red Fox

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