Monday, November 30, 2020

The Last Vestiges of Fall

The day I shot these images was a bit of an anomaly.  The week before had been a chilly one — the one that broke the will of many a fragile leaf clinging to their spindly branches.  But yet, this week it was warm, sometimes hitting 70+ degrees.  So on the morning that I traipsed out to the forest to find some ruby colored backdrops, I was surprised to discover that the moment had passed.  Autumn had fallen from the trees and littered the ground, leaving the landscape barren and ready to accept winter into its folds. 

But I was lucky enough to discover the last vestiges of fall clinging on for one more number before joining their leafy brethren on the forest floor.  So here's to autumn, may we once more appreciate your beauty before taking the plunge into pine needles and blankets of snow!

Zara Suede Leggings | Morning Lavender Sweater

 Until Next Time, 

— The Lovely Red Fox


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