Thursday, April 16, 2020

Tied with a Bow

For the most part, I am fairly skilled at being self-starting and keeping myself productive and entertained for hours and days of alone time — I'm not sure if it comes from being an only child or just simply from being an introverted creative person.   But most days, I'm able to wake up, get pumped for the day, and go through my tasks that I've planned myself— and I've been doing that for the last 2 1/2 years or so since I started working on my Etsy shop and blog mostly full time.

For the most part I'm wholly comfortable just working by myself and pushing myself to be efficient and produce work.  I think there's some weird disconnect when some people think of working from home — like you're not really working or something?  Like you need a boss to keep you honest or something?  I kind of have the opposite issue though — Andrew constantly tells me that I need to take more breaks and generally give myself a break — because honestly some days I'll just work at my computer for hours on end, sometimes something like 14-15 hours in a row, and I'll never give myself a "day off".

Coming back to my point, I promise.  My point is, that even for me, the happy energizer bunny that works from home without social contact much of the time, that was already kind of set up to "handle" being stuck at home all the time, this whole experience has been hard!   I miss my coworkers from my part time job, and my friends, and I miss being able to go to the lakeshore without the fear that it will be crowded and that going that one time will be the day that I end up getting the virus or unknowingly passing it to someone else.

I also connect so deeply with nature, and since all this started, I haven't really had much opportunity to see the forest preserves around here because the desire to see nature is also mixed with the fear that the preserves might be busy because it's one of the only things people can go do now.

The only "outdoor" space we can really 100% safely visit is our balcony patio, which I am so grateful for right now.  I've been saving it for the hardest days, when Andrew gets home and I'm really feeling over editing, or the news has been especially hard that day, or I'm just really feeling lonely — we'll go out and chat on the patio with drinks for a while.  Just breathing the open air and hearing the birds chirping helps so much.

I'm hoping to spruce it up a little bit for spring soon, so hopefully in a little bit I'll share a feature of that on the blog!


Target Dress  |  Ellison Blouse  |  Francesca's Cardigan



Until Next Time, 

— The Lovely Red Fox

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