Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Salmon Cream Cheese Quiche

Quiches have recently climbed in the ranks to become one of my favorite breakfast/ lunch foods.   We have a cute little shop near where we live that specializes in pie and coffee as their main faire.  They also usually have a selection of quiches by the slice available, and they are positively scrumptious!   They really widened my opinion on quiches, and inspired me to make some at home.  Quiches are very versatile, and will last for days' worth of breakfasts or lunches!

This salmon quiche I've made for today's post was put together with some adaptations from a recipe from FoodieCrush.com from a Smoked Salmon Quick Quiche recipe.

The only difference between her recipe and what I've put together is that I used a store bought pie crust from Pillsbury, and a couple other ingredient tweaks.  I've also since tried a different quiche variation with the Trader Joe's brand pie crust and that one was even more excellent!  Either way, blind baking the crust is very similar (375ยบ F for 15 minutes in the oven).

I'm not a big spicy fan, so I omitted the Tobasco sauce, and instead of goat cheese crumbles I opted for cream cheese but kept the measurement the same.

This was such a big hit that I have made a couple new variations of this since, including a potato, mushroom and sage quiche, and a brussels sprout and bacon one also, all based on the construct of this quiche recipe, but swapping out ingredients!  Quiches have definitely become a rotating staple in this house!

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— The Lovely Red Fox

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