Friday, April 10, 2020

Best Staple Investment Piece, Hands Down

There is one staple piece that I will always recommend to have in a wardrobe outside of your typical pair of jeans or leggings — those pieces that just pull everything else in your closet together and are an understated but important thing to have to make everything else work.

Hands down, my number one staple piece that is worth investment is a textured white or cream top.  This is one thing that I will always purchase if I find a good one that fits and is comfortable.  Be it a blouse, a sleeveless knit or a textured fitted sweater for the winter, having some options for light colored tops available will give you so much flexibility when getting dressed.

If you're like me, and you love bold patterns or quirky things, it will always be a valuable thing to have some different white tops to pull together all your much loved statement pieces.  I am pretty particular when it comes to white tops, so when I find a good one I will scoop it up.  They basically serve as the perfect matchmaker for the rest of your closet!

A great white top will have some texture to it for interest but it will also serve as some monochrome contrast to the other major players in your wardrobe.  Check out below for a grid full of different ways I've styled textured white tops!

Which is your favorite?

Until Next Time, 

— The Lovely Red Fox

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