Thursday, October 10, 2019

Varsity Vibes

I'm sure anyone who knows me in real life following this is thinking, "Why is Lindsay anywhere near a football field?".  I'll be the first to admit that sports aren't really my thing, and that can be case-in-point summed up by the fact that in trying to figure out where I should shoot this outfit, I asked Andrew where the nearest "Football Fork" would be.

I've been informed they're called goal posts, and not 'football forks', 'pitches' or any other variation of those that I would have come up with.

I will say that though I don't know much about sports, I do love a good varsity sweater or jacket, and do love a good "cute varsity" look.  I feel like it calls back to a school days vibe that I really do dig for fall.


Vintage Varsity Sweater  |  Forever 21 Top + Denim Dress + Yellow Bag  |  Shein Varsity Stripe Socks  |  Kate Spade Keds 

Until Next Time, 

— The Lovely Red Fox

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