Thursday, October 17, 2019

October Forever

I'm pretty enamoured with this week's outfit post because I feel like it incorporates some of my very favorite things — plaid, tie front blouse/dresses, and textured neutrals— and so much of this fab look was sourced secondhand.  I've had a conflicted relationship with fast fashion for a long time, because I do
love some of the trends that are out there for a great low price, but there is an uneasy feeling that that price is being paid elsewhere and then because it is 'fast fashion', usually a lot of things end up being quickly disposed of as well.  So I find a lot of joy in finding a great piece thrifting, because at least my purchase is saving something from being dumped or thrown out when so much work went into making it in the first place.   And just because someone else doesn't love it anymore, doesn't mean I can't!

I found both this coat and the dress at Goodwill, and this scarf was found at an estate sale, and all three are in great condition.  Sometimes you can find some great gems thrifting!

Gap Coat  |   Sandro Paris Dress  |  Vintage Scarf  |  Kat Von D Lipstick  |  Modcloth Shoes


Until Next Time, 

— The Lovely Red Fox

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