Friday, October 25, 2019

Follow Friday: Vintage Fashion and Furry Animal Edition

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Hey guys!

On this edition of Follow Friday, I've rounded up some great artists/ sellers that I've been admiring lately to share with you.  If you like their work, follow the links to their pages and give them some love!  I love finding new and interesting artists around the web, and getting to brighten up my life with some unique things all while supporting other artists! :)

Spirit Parade

I'll start the ball rolling with this fun little gem of a shop that is based in New Orleans, Louisiana.   I've had my eye on this shop for a long long time, and we actually bought some masks from this shop for the photobooth for our wedding (and because I not so secretly just really wanted these masks in my life!), and they were such a big hit!   Each mask is super high quality and really soft and made with a nice quality felt backing.  I love our masks so much!  Everyone at the wedding seemed to like them also and while they were intended for the photo booth, they ended up making it to the dance floor as well!  I also greatly appreciated the attention to detail in their packaging, and they came wrapped in tissue with spirited stamps on it.

Fancy Fine Vintage

This is another shop I've been loving from afar for quite a while!  I can't remember when or why I came across this shop, but I fell in love with the gorgeous mannequin styling and the unique vintage silhouettes.  And it's no surprise that one would fall in love with those things, as the owner of this shop is Ashley Ording, and she was a Senior Web Stylist for Anthropologie.  She also has a stunningly vibrant instagram account, which is a joy to follow!


ClaraLoo is a shop that I discovered somewhat recently that I just adore.  Daniela is the busy bee owner of this cute little shop that was inspired by her kids!  I don't have children or even have anybody super close to me that has children, but honestly I love these adorable creations as an adult!  Who says you have to be under 12 years old to appreciate a Furry Fox Mount or a Grizzly Bear Rug??  Love, love, love!

Charis Raine Studio

This a shop is one I discovered in all of my web exploring finding things for the wedding.  Long story short I was looking for forest themed enamel pins and came across Charis's lovely shop.  Her shop is chalk full of her beautiful illustrations in so many different forms.  From pins to notebooks to prints to pocket mirrors, she's got a bit of everything!

Adrian Company

This shop is full of beautiful and special vintage finds.  From skirts, to bags to dresses and more, they have over 400 wonderfully sourced vintage clothing items, that are all carefully styled and photographed.  So much love for the finds they've got in their shop!

Svetlana Toys

I think it's fairly obvious why I've included this one.  These little felt creations are THE CUTEST little things ever.  Each one of Svetlana's wool creations has so much personality and character.  Needle felting is a craft that takes A LOT of time and effort, and the skill that goes into producing work like these little creatures is incredible.  Each little creation is amazing!!

Until Next Time, 

— The Lovely Red Fox

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