Thursday, October 6, 2016

Style Inspirations: One Small Hitch

I recently discovered this cute movie on Netflix, centered around an unexpected romance between Molly and Josh.   On their way back to Chicago to attend Molly's mother's wedding, Josh gets a call
from his parents informing him that his father has cancer and his dying wish was to have met the woman he would one day marry.  Josh panics and tells him he's engaged to Molly (who is his best friend's little sister), and antics ensue as they try to keep up the charade through Molly's mom's wedding.  It's cute for a pizza night and some laughs, and I found it great for some fashion inspiration as well!  The lead character Molly has some cute looks throughout the film:

1. Airport Arrangement
I love the casual flair of this outfit.  It brings a couple fall staples together to make something cute and comfortable.  I'll definitely be channeling some sort of interpretation of this this fall.  She pulls some classic silhouettes (the denim jacket, a rust colored a -line dress) together with some eclectic and casual items (quirky, layered necklaces and a cable knit beanie), to create something fun and casual but also trendy and fashionable.  I can dig it. 

2. Favorite Flowers
At this point in the movie, Molly goes a little more classic with some less casual fabrics, but she still feels a little laid back with her brown buckle purse and tassel necklace.  Sometimes it's all about the accessories to define a look!

- The Lovely Red Fox

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