Friday, October 14, 2016

Leather and Suede in the Shade

Suede has been a pretty huge trend for the last year or so, finding its way onto not only jackets and
shoes, but skirts, shirts and dresses as well!  It's a great texture that adds something extra to an outfit.  My favorite suede pieces are button front skirts, so when I found this patchwork one with leather and suede, I was over the moon.

My favorite thing about textured pieces is that they are perfect for pairing with prints.  I'm the kind of person who isn't satisfied with just one piece of interest in an outfit, so when you can put together two prints and a texture, it's the tops.  The key is to have a couple really great pieces with standout prints, but also have some pieces with small scale neutral prints and some pieces with neutral textures.  You can mix and match with one from each category, and as long as the silhouettes work together, it's almost a fool proof equation.  

Forever 21 tee & patchwork skirt | Modcloth booties | Grandma's necklace

- The Lovely Red Fox

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