Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fall Mix-up!

It's that time again!  This mixup series is almost a challenge in choosing the best blend of solids and prints, and calm and crazy pieces.  I gravitate toward clothes that are unique silhouettes, and its always
a fun challenge figuring out what pairs with them in my wardrobe.  Today's lineup is a mixture of new and old, as well as casual and elevated.  So here we go!  I've styled nine outfits out of the above twelve pieces that are everyday- ready.  Keep in mind there are even more combos that could be made, but I wanted to stick to my favorites of the bunch!

Outfit 1: 

I'm loving this bookish styling, using the neck kerchief to tie together the colors of all the other pieces.

Outfit 2:

This next outfit is perfect for everyday, marrying casual denim with a chiffon blouse.

Outfit 3:

The perfect outfit for funding up on a early fall day, jumping in the leaves, or apple picking!

 Outfit 4:

A little more fancy, but still perfectly suited for a quick coffee date in the fall!

Outfit 5:

This one borders on casual, but keeps stylish with the addition of the brown cape.  Capes are always chic!

Outfit 6:

Don't forget that dresses are such a versatile piece of your wardrobe!  Here I've layered a suede skirt over the dress, treating it more like a blouse!

 Outfit 7:

I'm feeling a walk by the lake, breathing in the autumn air!

 Outfit 8:

Probably the fanciest of the bunch, utilizing the chiffon blouse, fur collared cape, and suede skirt.

Outfit 9:

Layering is your friend!

- The Lovely Red Fox

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