Tuesday, July 12, 2016

West Coast Wandering: Our West Coast Adventure Part 3

One thing that I didn't anticipate or even think about when we planned a trip to the coast was the fog.  Because I've grown up and lived in the midwest my whole life, the idea didn't even dawn on me that there is immense fog that rolls in off the ocean for months on the west coast, especially where we were staying.  There was something kind of magical about it; it transformed everything into a eerie wonderland, and then at some point midday it would dissipate.  Whether we were exploring forests in the fog and eating packed lunch sitting on the back of the rental car, or wading through tall grasses to get to an ocean overlook, the fog made it an interesting experience. 

It was nice getting to experience different types of weather on this trip, from foggy mornings to sun drenched afternoons and evenings, like the day we drove out to Enderts Beach.  This was my favorite spot overlooking the ocean from our trip.  A little further down on the path from where this picture was taken was where Drew proposed, overlooking the waves crashing on the rocks and sand.  :)

- The Lovely Red Fox

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