Thursday, July 14, 2016

A Packing Reflection : The Redwoods

So if you'll remember back a bit, before we left for California I posted about packing for the trees.  As usual, I may have over-estimated the amount of clothes I would actually need for our trip to the trees.  This was partially because
I wasn't sure what type of weather to pack for, but also partially because I am a very indecisive person and have a problem narrowing things down.  When we got to the airport, my bag was 49lbs!  That's only one pound away from the limit!  Let's take a look at what I actually wore on our adventure, shall we?

Day 1: 12 mile hiking adventure

The first day we hiked for a total of 12 miles between a small introductory trail, a half mile to and from the trailhead, and a 4.2 there and back trail that ended at another half? mile fern canyon loop.  I wore my denim overall dress with leggings and a 3/4 sleeve top.  It ranged from being a little hot in the sun to being perfectly comfortable in the cooler, deeper parts of the forest.  I'd definitely recommend leggings, because you never know if ticks are going to jump on you, but I'd advise against the hat (I took it off before we even reached the trailhead) because you're in the Redwoods and you want to keep looking up at the trees!

Day 2: Coastal Wanderer

The second day I wore black high-waist jeans with a striped tank and a light chambray layering piece.  I added the scarf because it seemed adventurous ;).   That day we hiked down to an ocean overlook, and it was a little hot and muggy from the fog.  The rest of the day we visited a lighthouse, went to an ocean exhibit, and visited Enderts Beach.  This outfit worked well for the various activities! :)

Day 3: Forest People

This was the day we headed up and visited Jedediah state park,  which was a little more inland and had a bunch of beautiful Redwood trails with giant trees. We definitely needed to dress comfortably for the hikes, especially because there were a couple you could climb onto!   I wore jeans, a long sleeve layered top, and a jacket because it was cooler deeper into the forest. 

Day 4: Redwood National park hikes

This was another hiking day, where we saw a waterfall and a lot of wildlife like banana slugs and elk!  This was also the day we got out to the overlook with all the cacti flowers and snails!  I wore my redwoods tee as well as jeans and a flannel crop and am sporting an elk pin I got at the redwoods gift shop!  It was another comfortable day with light layers. 

Day 5: Oregon Trip

The last day we drove up to Oregon (beautiful, scenic drive!) and we saw the Great Cats World Park, and all the big kitties they have there.  They were beautiful and very excited to see us!  We also 
stopped at some riverside falls and explored a little and then visited Enderts Beach one last time before heading back to the Inn for the last dinner of our trip.   I wore an outfit similar to the one from day two, but I ended up getting the bottom of my jeans soaked from ocean waves!  

In the Air, here and there...

On the days we were traveling I wore a comfortable skirt with leggings and a light sweater top.  I also brought a light jacket and a poncho blanket for snuggling up on the plane.  Then there were also a few pieces that I wore on the trip that I don't have pictures from, like if I changed to eat dinner, or swim suit for the hot tub, etc. 

Overall, if you cross out the pieces I brought but didn't wear at all...

I didn't end up wearing any of the shorts I packed, and only half of the layering pieces and shoes.

I could have cut my packing list from 77 items down to 50.


The good news is, if you're packing for the redwoods, you can plan accordingly!  I'd suggest one pair of shorts, but mostly jeans, and light layering!  We did not need any sort of heavier jackets, only light ones, and I probably could have done just fine with only one.  And you probably don't need the hats.  I probably could have just brought one in case I really wanted it one day.

- The Lovely Red Fox

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