Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Golden Leaves and Happy Trees

This weekend I had a chance to hang out with my mom a bit and it involved a trip to walk about a nearby beach we used to go to when I was younger.  It's so strange seeing beaches out of season.  Here's this place that usually carries with it a summery connotation— sand castles, flip-flops, polka dot swimsuits, what-have-you — and suddenly it is strewn with orange leaves and accompanied by a gentle breeze.    I keep meaning to catch these trees before they drop all their leaves, so I'm glad that we finally got out and found these buddies to hang with for the afternoon.

The Outfit and About it:

Forever 21 Cardigan.  A cardigan in a nice neutral color can be an invaluable staple in your wardrobe.  I find that it's pretty essential to have at least one versatile layering piece in black, cream, and a neutral tone like this taupe or a grey.  This way you are always able to transition an outfit from day to night if it gets colder, or into a cooler season.

Forever 21 colored denim.  These pants are also a great staple to have.  Many an interesting shirt or sweater can be easily matched with a good pair of colored denim.  They still add more interest than a regular blue jean, but they are ultimately comfy and versatile. 

Francesca's Watch (similar).  I never used to wear watches, but now I feel lost if I ever leave the house without one.  This polka dot watch from Francesca's has been a great addition to many of my outfits, it seems to match everything!

Forever 21 Damask crop.  Crop tops are always a strange animal for me.  There are so many in style and in stores right now, but unless they're paired with high-waisted pants its pretty impossible to style them without showing midriff (which I suppose is the point of a crop top).  I'm not crazy about that, but yet there are so many cute patterns and such of them out there!  For instance, I love the pattern on this damask one, but hardly ever know what to wear it with.  The solution my friends, is to wear a cardigan with it.  This way I can enjoy all that I like about my damask crop top, and button up my cardigan over the awkward midsection fiasco.  Problem solved!

- The Lovely Red Fox

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