Saturday, October 18, 2014

Exploring Ephraim

It's been a few weeks now since this took place, but its still quite fresh to me and very much on my mind.  A few weeks back, my mother, father, and I traveled up to Ephraim, WI where my grandparents' cottage is.   This place, as well as my other grandparents' cabin, holds many memories from my
childhood.  Both places have been sold in the past year, and thus we've made a point to make one last journey to each.  It's hard saying goodbye to a place (it's hard saying goodbye to a lot of things), because it's always changing.  In a way you've been saying goodbye to a place every time you leave it.  What memories I have of this place are far different from all the memories my dad experienced here from his childhood.  In essence, in a trip to say goodbye to a place, I feel a pressure to see and take in everything both as it is now and how it has been in the past; an impossible feat.  It's been a while since my last visit to Ephraim, so the trip was full of memories as well as discovery, and one thing I wanted to be sure to do was explore the cliffs.

Let me explain: the property the cottage is on backs up to an enormous rock cliff atop a pretty steep incline in rocks and forest, and ever since I was a kid, I've wanted to climb up to the cliffs and the caves.  However, being a small child, I was never allowed to do this.  I can see why; its pretty unstable footing to go climbing up.  Well I'm old enough now that I'm just crazy enough to do it with no reservations :). Plus my dad found some stairs.  So here you have it: the cliffs and caves of Ephraim.

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