Friday, July 4, 2014

A Layer of Crochet

Happy Fourth of July!!!  This post isn't particularly patriotic themed, but that won't discourage me from wishing you a fun day of hot dogs and parades followed by an evening of fireworks and lightning bug catching.   I'll be most likely spending my evening packing as I'm moving house tomorrow morning, bright and early!  I'm so excited about the move; I'm one of those strange people that actually loves moving.  People usually give me those really weirded out stares when I say that, like "...what is wrong with you?...".  The answer being, of course, probably everything.  

These were shot on the same bridge as my coca-cola outfit back in the winter.  So different with the leaves!   But to talk a bit about the fashion, seeing as this is a personal style blog, there's a few unique things to note on this one.  I can't decide which I am more in love with, the ear cuff or the crochet layering shirt.  There was only one left of this shirt when I got it, and it was a Large.  I'm digging it though, because it allows for this fun off-the-shoulder deal that I'm really liking.  I think this styling works really well because it has a nice balance of fitted vs. oversized at play.  The boots, leggings, and shorts all work together to create an uninterrupted fitted look until you get to the midsection where there is both a high/low chiffon element and an oversized crochet to layer.  

The Outfit and About it:

Forever 21 crochet shirt.  This shirt is a wonderful layering piece, and really adds a lot to an outfit.  In fact, it's so decorative it really is the outfit.  You don't need very many other elements of interest in an outfit if you've got this crazy piece.

Forever 21 high low shirt.   This is basically a really soft cotton t-shirt with a surprising high-low chiffon element in the back.  It is very versatile, and with my love for decorative shorts, it pairs very well with many things in my wardrobe.

Forever 21 high waisted shorts.  These are very classic and are the perfect plain high-waisted shorts to wear with this season's crop top craze.

Forever 21 ear cuff.  Genius!  I don't know why they don't make more of these!  This ear cuff loops around the back of the ear and sits right on top.  if they had made more of these I would have worn so many more earrings prior to getting my ears pierced.

Forever 21 bangles.  I love bangles because they are stylish, but boy are they loud if you're needing to do anything with your arms.  For quite some time I avoided bracelets of all kinds because I did a lot of work on the computer, and the clacking annoyed me.  I still work a lot on the computer, but I've come to appreciate a good set of bangles.  That seafoam green bangle is the star of the group!

- The Lovely Red Fox

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