Thursday, July 3, 2014

Life Update // Winds A Changing

I think it's been a while since I wrote anything on here about updates in my life.  To recap, I've been out of school about a year now and a crazy year it has been!  Last summer was a tumultuous time filled with soul searching and unemployment and a struggle to figure out what felt right.  I think all of life is a constant struggle of figuring out the 'right' answers.  Will this make me happy?  Will this project turn out right if I make decision X?  Will this choice positively influence business?  Will it negatively influence it?  Will I succeed?  Will people like me?  Will I like me?

Last fall I decided to move back down to Champaign after spending the summer in the suburbs with my parents.  I moved in with my boyfriend of five years (six now), got a job in visual merchandising, and
started a photography business with a good friend of mine from college.  I am happy to say that seven months later things are progressing steadily (though slower than I'd like, but that's life), and  my career in merchandising, our journey into entrepreneurship, and this blog have all had their own share of challenges, triumphs, and learning experiences.   Work/ life balance is a tricky thing to tackle, and being a creative person, sometimes it feels like the membranes between the two concepts are semi-permeable; work is life and life is work.  But work is fun.  If I can make my life fun and find ways that having fun can support my having fun, then I've won! ...Right?

Well, as I always do when the winds of change are picking up, I start writing about it.  To simplify:  I'm moving.  Drew and I are moving back up to the suburbs to a town that I've always wanted to live in, he'll be commuting to classes in the city for pharmacy, and I managed to land a job transfer nearby, so I can continue merchandising my heart out!   I'm very excited because this also means that Crissy and I can start looking more to Chicagoland for our prospective photography clients, and I can't wait to photograph at all the amazing venues up there!  

This also means a new, wonderful apartment (with vintage built-in closets and a beautiful bay window) with room to decorate, take blog pics, and do DIY projects!  Get ready for some magnificent craft fun!  Things are taking flight, and ever improving.  Not only is all of this work/ living stuff amazing, but I am so happy to be moving closer to my family.  I may be a 24 year young lady nowadays, but having essentially lived for the past six years over 300 miles away from my family has been hard.  I like seeing them often, and knowing that they're less than an hour away is comforting.

Last, but certainly not least, I am so excited to be taking on the city with Drew.  I really feel like everything is coming together beautifully and we are taking the next steps in our lives for both of us.   For years we wondered what this transition would be like, and it's turning out pretty stellar.   Even through all the stressful times ( Will I get a job? Will I get into the school I want?  Will we find a place to live and not be penniless?  Will we just eat pasta this week? How the heck can I have to get a root canal???, etc.) we support each other and just roll with  whatever life throws at us.  I am so lucky to have such a thoughtful, cat-loving, funny, smart, kind and adorable boyfriend.

So here's to where we are now, and to what wonderfulness lies ahead!

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