Friday, June 27, 2014

Flowing and Flourishing

When we're shooting for these posts its hard not to notice the peacefulness of nature.   I really enjoy these opportunities to take a moment and remove yourself from the everyday stressors of life.  In a world where everything is moving so quickly, it's nice to get the chance to stop and watch the wind dance with the leaves.  It allows us to clear our minds and approach our thoughts in an uncluttered way.  

This outfit has a similar effect.  It was much longer in the back than I realized when I was trying it on, so I really can only wear it in instances wherein I won't be moving around a great deal.  The long, flowing qualities go hand in hand with this idea of taking in nature and stopping to have a good long think.  

The Outfit and About it:

Forever 21 High low dress.  I found this in the sale section and was thrilled!  I love the color and whenever I'm wearing it I feel like I've been transported into a fairytale — it feels very flowing and airy simultaneously.

Forever 21 Shawl.   This shawl has become one of my favorites to pair with just about anything. 

Forever 21 Floral scarf.  It's not often that I'll see a floral scarf and think, "I've got to have that", but something about the soft yellows and painterly renditions of flowers drew me in to this one.  I really enjoy pairing it with cool greys, or warm whites.

Forever 21 Hello bracelet.

Forever 21 heart necklace.  A unique approach on the heart necklace.  

- The Lovely Red Fox

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