Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Style Fears: Color Mixing

You can't wear brown with black.
You can't wear blue with black.
And you certainly can't wear another color paired with a print.


Sure, you can build a fool proof simple outfit by choosing one unique piece and building the rest together with neutrals.  As long as it fits well and the silhouettes work together, you've styled yourself a safe, cleanly styled outfit.  But I'm not one for only abiding by this approach.  Mix it up!  Make mistakes!  I like to test the bounds and find unique pieces that play off of each other well to make a complex, interesting outfit.  For the purposes of this post, I'll highlight a few different ways
that I like to mix colors when I'm styling.

Calling out Colors from Prints.

One of the simplest ways to get more than one aspect of interest out of an outfit is using a pattern and then calling a color out from it to use with a layering piece or accessory.  The below outfits call out purple and blue, respectively.  In both the main piece is the romper/ overalls, and the called out color is used as a layering piece.  The chambray overalls could have been layered with a grey, white, brown or deep blue shirt as well, and I could have called out the purple with a piece of jewelry, or highlighted the rustic feel with the brown tones more.


This romper is also super versatile and can go with a bunch of different under-layering pieces.  The obvious first thought on most people's minds I'd assume would be a white peasant shirt.  Sure, awesome.  That would look great.  So would this blue shirt, a fun mustard blouse or sweater, a light blue, light green, or if you're feeling bold, play off that red orange tone that is popping up now and again in the pattern (but maybe just with accessories, because there's a lot going on with that pattern!).   People look at a crazy piece like this and think, "okay, I love this but I know I have to be careful with it", and then they go super safe with it and style it with neutrals.  I'd say you should embrace it!  Going with the cooler and softer colors in this print will make the outfit even better.  The only thing I would stay away from is calling out the more aggressive colors against such an aggressive pattern. 


Using Primary Colors as Pop Colors

Generally, primary colors go well with each other.  Same goes with fashion.  Some of my favorite color combinations for just about everything come from blues and yellows, yellows and reds, or blues and reds.  These outfits below are perfect examples.




Working with a Palette of Like Colors

I also like to branch off and work with color palettes that are full of like colors.  My favorite are the more muted color palettes with maroons, greens, dark blues and browns:



Thinking Outside the Box

Finally, I don't like to limit my styling.  I like to put things that don't necessarily adhere to a "rule", but still seem like they might work, together in an outfit to try it out.  If it doesn't look right, you can always change.  These outfits don't work off of primary colors so much, and they aren't necessarily of a similar color palette or drawn from a print, but somehow they are pulled together and balance out well.   


I'd like to think the main takeaway here is to be true to yourself and your own instincts.   Don't necessarily fold under other people's fashion decrees, but instead create your own and be your own critic. Be hard on yourself and what you think is "good", but don't base those beliefs solely on another person's opinion.  Make yourself a wardrobe that you can be proud of.  

- The Lovely Red Fox

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