Thursday, July 9, 2020

Once Upon a Fish Tale

I am constantly in awe of all of the natural wonder that surrounds us.   I'm always looking out for the little pockets of magic cropping up in the small areas of nature that I can find in our town just outside of Chicago.  I always love the woods, but the lakefront always provides something special in the summer time, and the flora cropping up on the lakefront grounds are truly breathtaking!

I just love finding those perfect little moments in nature where a scene frames itself perfectly.  I'm always looking for the way a tree can almost hug a small moment of nature with it's branches — and its amazing the ways that these scenes can shift over the seasons!  For instance, most of why the scene below is so striking was from the heavy rains we had recently, totally flooding out the valley of sand dunes here.  See how this same area looked so different just months ago in the winter!




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— The Lovely Red Fox

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