Saturday, July 4, 2020

My July Capsule Wardrobe

Hey there, lovelies!

It's simultaneously hard to believe it's July already, and also hard to believe that it is still 2020 at this point in the year.  But here we are in the deep of summer, hanging out on our balconies and trying to make the best of the world we're in right now.  

When I started to concept my month capsule for July, the obvious color palette seemed to be the iconic red white and blue inspired by the Fourth of July, so I decided to run with it but still try to not make it too America - centric.  Sort of Americana inspired with a vintage quirky girly twist so as to stay true to my own personal style tendencies :)  Also strawberries and bonfire attire were major influences!

Moodboard for July Capsule  |  Sources linked in my July Pinterest Board here!

As I go through building my capsules each month, I make note of what I already own in my wardrobe to help guide the process.  Historically, I've been very drawn to prints, and out of occupational hazard own a great deal of fast fashion pieces.  And as I've come to apply the same principles to my life in general, I've been teaching myself to first think of the life (wardrobe) I want to achieve and slowly work toward making that the reality.

So when it comes to my overall wardrobe, I'm slowly starting to be a little more intentional with purchases, wanting to invest in better quality brands slowly over time, as well as trying to be more responsible by looking into ethical brands and thrifting.


6 Tops

For tops, I've chosen a spread of lightweight summer tops, with hints of my pop colors (blue and red), a few prints, and options in both light and dark colors.  Some of the items were thrifted, some were things I already owned, and one was a new buy from Modcloth.



3 Layering

For layering items, all three were items I already owned that tied in perfectly with my pop colors and were great weight and style for summer.  All three were fast fashion purchases originally, but they've held up over the years and I've had them for a while!


5 Dresses/ Rompers

For dresses, I was able to narrow it down to five, all in pop colors.  It might have been advisable to have included a neutral in here, but as I've mentioned before, I'm addicted to prints.  So forcing myself to only pick 5 ended up resulting in a pretty print heavy assortment.  Hopefully this works out!  Four of these were not "new" buys, with the jumpsuit being years old from Forever, the babydoll blue plaid from UO now years back, and the Mata Traders dress I bought last summer for some of our wedding festivities.  The sparkle dress was purchased and repurposed from my May capsule, and the floral romper is the most recent addition to the mix.  This piece was something I thrifted off Poshmark earlier this year in hopes to wear when we were going to be going to Italy this summer (obviously not happening anymore), and it is a Princess Highway piece from Australia.  I just love their fun prints, and they are sometimes stocked on Modcloth as well!  


7 Bottoms

Bottoms are notoriously the most difficult to amass for me, but hopefully I've made some good decisions here.  We've got 2 pairs of shorts that are tried and true for me, and were also just featured in my June capsule.  Essentially in this capsule we've achieved having every shade of my color palette represented across the bottoms, so hopefully that makes for an ideal outfit building situation!  For the pants (really sort of a capri cut), I poshed this gorgeous pair of high-waist corduroy Madewell pants that I'm already deeply in love with.  And then for skirts we have an assortment of new and old, with a corduroy Shein skirt I picked up last year, a new red one from Modcloth, and two patterned thrifted ones from Modcloth (delightful foxes!) and Anthro (golden birds).  I'm hoping these will all be great for the capsule!


3 Hair, and 4 Bags and Shoes

And finally, we land at the accessories.  Accessories can really pull a look together and drive a style home, so I've come to develop some habits during all this capsule building!  Three different hair accessories in a spread of colors is ideal.  And then when it comes to shoes and bags, I've been pairing them up by color to strengthen the whole set.  There's plenty of opportunity to mix and match with the different possible outfits, but allowing those natural accessories to friend up just makes things that much more solid!  Additionally, I recommend having a spread of casual to dressy shoes (heels/ sandals/ closed toe) and varying sizing in bags (crossbody vs. backpack/ laptop bag/ beach bag), so that any scenario  can be covered with your capsule!  


32 items this month, and I'm feeling great about this spread!

Be sure to follow along on stories to see outfits made out of this capsule!

Until Next Time,

— The Lovely Red Fox

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