Friday, December 20, 2019

DIY Christmas Banner

Every year I try to add something new to our holiday decor.  Often times, a bunch of new things!  But each year I want to create a new handmade craft that can be used for years to come, so that one day I will just have an endless assortment of holiday crafted items that I made decking all of our halls!

This year, in addition to our pom pom tree skirt, I opted to make a handmade "Happy Christmas" garland as well!

This was a fairly easy project that could be done on a spare afternoon if you've got one.

Note that this project is just for the ribbon and letters shown above; the wool back banner is purchased from World Market.

Supplies needed:

— 2 yards red velvet ribbon
— gold or silver glitter paper
— string
— gold beads
— needle threader
— Mini Hole puncher

Getting Started

First, you'll want to download and print out the following pdf that I've made with the correctly sized letter stencils.

Then, cut them out and place them on top of the glitter paper, cutting out each letter so that the glitter side is readable.

Lay it All Out

Next, make loops on the ends of your ribbon, so that you can hang up your banner at the end.

Once the length of your ribbon has been established, lay out your letters so they are spaced to your liking across the ribbon.

Next, punch a hole in any top point of a letter that will meet up with your ribbon.

String On Your Letters

Finally, you will attach your letters to the ribbon.

Start with a loop knot securing your string onto the ribbon.   Then thread on a bead.  Finally, thread your string through the hole punch of your letter coming from the front side, and then thread both ends in between the original threads underneath the bead.  Then take both ends, separate them and bring them back around to the back side and tie in a few knots, securing the whole threaded mess!

Here, you could trim your ends to be shorter; I left mine dangling because I thought it looked neat.

In the End

Your banner is all done!

Add a fun ornament on either side to add more festive-ness, or layer with another banner as I have done with this wool one!

Happy Holidays!

Until Next Time,

— The Lovely Red Fox

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