Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Christmas Morning Traditions: Have a Hot Chocolate Bar!

Today's post is something that could be great for your Christmas morning family gathering, or a holiday party, or just for you and a friend!  

Hot chocolate is one of the holiday season's most festive beverages so why not turn it into a fun build your own activity?

Read on to see what we incorporated into ours!

A hot chocolate bar is pretty easy to set up, you just need to run to your local grocery store (and actually I found some great things at World Market!)  and pick up some festive items!

Here's what we used:

— Torani Caramel syrup (could also use chocolate!)
— Smash Mallows (we did vanilla, but there's so many flavors!)
— Other festive marshmallows (World Market has great options for this!)
— Peppermint Candies + extra to crush up
— Anna's Ginger Swedish Thins
— Holiday colorful sugars and/or sprinkles
— Your favorite hot chocolate mix
— Festive mugs!

Lay it all out and let your guests make and decorate their own hot chocolates!  If you're making hot chocolate for a handful, you can pour your dry mix packets into their cups and then add your hot milk.  If you're making for a crowd, perhaps having a pitcher of ready mixed hot chocolate would work best!


My favorite idea for the hot chocolate bar is that of making flavored rims for your mugs!  You can do this by crushing up the ginger cookies, peppermint candies, or making a sugar rim out of colorful holiday sugars.   Just make sure you crush things up very finely so they will stick onto the rim of your glasses.  Then dip the rim of your glass in water (this works best if you just have a little bit of water on a small plate), and then right into your tray of crumbles!

Until Next Time, 

— The Lovely Red Fox

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