Friday, May 3, 2019

Outdoor Living: A Spring Styled Patio

I am so excited to share today's post with you lovelies!

We're nearing the year mark of living in this apartment, and one of our favorite features of it was the surprise outdoor space.  When we were touring places, an outdoor area wasn't even on our list of must
haves, and going into the walk through we weren't even aware this place had one!  Imagine our surprise in opening the back door expecting to see a stairwell, and fining this lovely little oasis!

Like I mentioned, it has been a year though and up until now we hadn't done much to transition this place into a space we could enjoy.  Now that the winter is finally wrapping up and things are in bloom, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to breathe some fresh life into our patio!


I'm so excited that now this space is a fun outdoor retreat where we can enjoy a drink and some appetizers in the evening or read a book in the sun in the morning.  It's my new favorite place to be ♥.

Since I am not a great plant parent, I like to mix some fake plants in to make it all last a little longer and continue to be a place we can visit and enjoy.  We repurposed an older rug to make the space feel more homey, and mixed in some of our older outdoor furniture pieces with new decorative elements. 

I was especially happy with the selection of fun faux plants I found at Home Goods in their outdoor decor section, and also very delighted by some fun little accents I found at Target recently as well.  

Overall, I am now looking for any excuse to spend an afternoon out on our new homey patio!





Until Next Time, 

- The Lovely Red Fox


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