Thursday, January 17, 2019

Snow - Scapades

The process of planning and shooting one of these outfit series is always interesting — sometimes you have a detailed plan that goes just how you think it will, and sometimes 1,000 things get in the way of your vision.  In this particular instance, I planned, changed my mind at the last second, and then ended up
shooting most of the set in a place that I hadn't originally planned.

My initial vision for this outfit was slightly different, with a furry white coat.  But when I went to get dressed for the shoot, I realized that the coat was much bulkier than I had envisioned for this set.  So at the last minute I switched to using this scarf as a shawl, which I actually think works much better.  I love the coziness of this scarf, and the texture was just right with the snowy scene.  Additionally, the colors in this scarf actually tie the outfit together better than the original coat would have.  So a last minute win!


Next, the location for this shoot shifted slightly when we got there.  I started shooting here by the lakeside (by the way, the color of the water being this mint hue was unreal!!), and intended to shoot by the large rocks around the corner mostly.  But I was intrigued by the edge of the bushes by the shore where the photo below was taken and ventured down there intending to just snap a few...

But it just kept going back and there was this beautiful weeping willow that had such wonderful golden color!  So I decided to work with what nature was giving me and took most of the set here.  I still love the stones picture I eventually got (the last in the set), but by the time I got there the cold was setting in very quickly and we needed to just take a few quick ones and then leave!  So sometimes things go kind of unexpectedly but are wonderful surprises.


Forever 21 Lace Dress  |  Forever 21 Silver Shimmer Dress  |  Forever 21 Scarf  |
Forever 21 Camel Beret  |  Francesca's Feather Necklace  |  Francesca's Sequin Bag  |
Francesca's Speckled Tights  |  Vintage Waist Belt  |  Steve Madden Boots


Until Next Time, 

- The Lovely Red Fox


  1. I know you're wearing the Kasey Feather Pendant Necklace and the Pepper Velvet Sequin Clutch, but could you link to the dresses and the scarf/wrap? I love how this outfit combines coziness with a more ethereal aesthetic. It's perfect for the season and you look so beautiful!

    1. Hello Ruby!
      The dresses and the scarf were items that I purchased over a year ago, so Forever doesn't sell those exact items anymore, at least as far as I can tell. But I did find a couple scarves that I think are the same type of material as the one I bought, but different color/ print: (this one could be styled similar to my outfit) and (this one is plaid but definitely more bold colors!)

      For the lace dress, here are some similar styles:
      black (

      The silvery dress I didn't find a great comp for, but there was this one out there currently. It is definitely a different style and fit though. Mine is more of a shift dress:

      I'm sorry the originals aren't available, but I hope these links help a little!

      Thank you for your comment as well, I thought I was going to be cold shooting these, but the scarf really did do a good job in keeping me warm!

      - Lindsay