Friday, January 11, 2019

Activewear in My Cart

Hey there everybody!

In 2018 I realized some important things, including that I needed to take care of my body a little better and pay attention when it was trying to tell me things.  As a part of this realization, my fiance Andrew and I started walking on our free mornings.  We vowed that if we both had the morning off and had no other
commitments before noon, we would walk the lakefront in our town.

Since we started this habit and also started paying attention to the daily calories we were taking in, I've felt a world more refreshed.  We'll typically do a 6-7 mile walk along the lakefront to start our day on these days. 

And because prior to this I barely worked out at all, I had approximately zero work out clothes to wear out walking.   If you're looking to start your work out wardrobe or just update it, here's my picks for a comfortable walking outfit that are out there currently. 

Marble Purple Sports Bra |  Grey Geometric Sports Bra |  Marble Pink Sports Bra  |
Cream Sports Bra  |  Grey Sports Bra

When I went to shop for work out clothes, I was all about the layering.  When it's cold out I will add a down puffy coat and a scarf to the mix, during the fall I'm fairly comfortable in these thin long sleeves and a scarf, and in the summer I'll switch to a lightweight tee.  But here are some of my favorite staple items for my workout wardrobe for the majority of the year!

S'well Insulated Water Bottle in Calacatta  |  Grey Longsleeve  |  Olive Longsleeve

Diagonal Color block Leggings  |  Black Mesh Patch Leggings  |  Grey Mesh Patch Leggings  | Pink Leggings

Another important part of my workout accessories is a water bottle.  It's important to stay hydrated while you're out walking or running, and this water bottle is my favorite because it keeps my water super cold for the whole journey!  

Until Next Time, 

- The Lovely Red Fox

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