Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Travel Destination: Portland, Oregon

Up next on our trip to the Pacific Northwest we were Portland bound!  After our serene breakfast at Alderbrook Resort, we started our journey to Portland.  First stop was Upper Left Coffee Roasters
for a vendor meeting with our florist for the wedding. They had the most beautiful toasts!  Drew and I both ordered the asparagus toast pictured below, and our florist Vanessa had a gorgeous looking cucumber toast!

Toast from Upper Left Coffee Roasters
After our vendor meetings for the day, we decided to get in some hiking.  We finished our meetings nearby Portland's Forest Park, which boasts over 80 miles of trails, despite being right in the city.  We hiked a good 1.7 miles in the Forest Park and checked out the stone house pictured below.  It was a combination of eerie and oh so cool.  I had definitely missed hiking in the trees. 


After our hike we headed to The Country Cat for dinner and had a hearty meal of deliciousness.   Everything on the menu looked incredible, so we had a very hard time deciding what to have for entrees.  Eventually I settled on The Fried Chicken and Mashed Potatoes. YUM!

Fried Chicken and Mashed Potatoes with Bacon Collard Greens (above),
Baked Beans (below left), and their full menu (below right) 



The next morning Drew and I walked to a nearby coffee shop, Dapper and Wise, for cappuccinos and a bite to eat.  I had this tasty baguette with cheese and butter!  After our coffee stop, I went to The English Dept. Bridal shop for my first dress trying-on appointment where I got this cute tin of chocolates! :)


After the appointment Drew picked me up and we headed back to our home base to change for an afternoon of hiking in the Columbia River Gorge.  While we were staying in Portland we stayed at The Evermore Guest House, which was a cute little B & B in Southeast Portland.  We loved it!  The house was nice, and we got a nice second floor suite with a fireplace and clawfoot tub!  Also we loved the large balcony for relaxing in the morning and evening, and I loved the art deco style wardrobes!

Entry to the Evermore Guest House


One of the common rooms at Evermore Guest House
A quick delicious bite at the waffle window before we headed to the Gorge!

My favorite sight driving through the Gorge
While the terrible fire during the summer of 2017 has still rendered a lot of the Gorge trails unusable while they clean up the damage, we were able to have a nice hike at Latourell Falls, one of the trails a little closer to Portland.  

This was a nice 2.4 mile loop that goes from the lower falls area up to the upper falls section of the waterfall.  The beginning of the trail right off the parking lot is steep for a while, but then when you come down the other side it is all downhill from there.  We greatly enjoyed Latourell falls and all of the lush moss surrounding.  

Upper Latourell Falls


Flowers walking around Southeast Portland

After our hike, we set out for some great food before we packed up for our flight home in the morning.  We went out to eat at a great little place called Grain & Gristle, where I ordered a scrumptious dish of mussels in a white wine sauce with leeks, french fries, and aioli.   It was heavenly.  For dessert, we walked to the very popular Salt & Straw for ice cream.  Drew got this incredible ice cream sampler full of their creative flavors!


And that wraps up our Portland and Pacific Northwest adventure.  We saw so many awesome sights and ate so much delicious food.  Hopefully this gives you some great recommends for both if you are traveling to the Pacific Northwest in the near future!

Until next time, 

- The Lovely Red Fox

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