Friday, May 11, 2018

Ootd: Spring in Chicago

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If you've ever lived in the midwest then you'd know that the "middle" seasons are almost non-existent here.   The elusive fall and spring are but a half rest between 30 degree snowy days and 77 degree sweltering sticky days.  One day you're bundling up throwing on snow boots and packing your 
"work shoes" in your bag, and the next day you're hunting for that one pair of sandals you bought last year because it's just too dang hot to walk to the grocery store in your suede lace-up booties.  


This year has been no different, as we've gone from chilly mornings bundling and huddling up under the heater boxes in the train station in April (April!  It snowed in APRIL this year!), to flip flopping down to the BEACH in early May in sundresses and straw hats.  


I am hoping now that we've had a small spell of rain and the trees are beginning to bud that we can safely say that there won't be any more below 30 degree days.  

Fingers crossed.

And with that, I have seen a new breath of fresh air and am inspired to start shooting for this blog again!  

I am hoping to push through the colder months this year regardless, but this spring rebirth feels like the right reawakening for this blog as well.  I am feeling newly refreshed and unburdened and I am excited to breathe some creativity into this corner of the internet. 

While I've certainly learned a lot in the past year and a half I have recently had some epiphanies about life and happiness and what I am willing to sacrifice in life.  I am tired of working myself into the ground only to watch the things that I hold most dear shrivel up and die.  I strongly believe that this blog is a part of my future that I am unwilling to sacrifice, and it needs resuscitating.  I believe I am my best self when I am creating and making things that are full of color, life and personality.  As an artist, I feel that when I'm not doing this, I begin to lose color, life and personality.   

So I am taking steps to rectify this imbalance.  Hopefully I can begin to feel less insecure and more confident when I am asked questions about my life. 


Glad to get that off my chest. 


So despite the sudden temperature shift in this corner of the world, the morning I shot this look there was a bit of a thunderstorm in the morning and we were blessed with some comforting mid-range temps in the 60s, thus the light layers and jeans. 

People are usually a bit surprised when I opt for a jeans outfit because my go-to is usually leggings and a skirt or dress, but I was feeling this fun neutral & contemporary look for my first outfit back in the blogosphere. 

I'm loving a lot of the trends that are out there right now.  Can we please talk about how wonderful it is that high-waisted jeans are in again?  They are SO much more flattering than low rise jeans, and I love that they are a throwback style.  

Additionally, the whole tie-front thing is sweeping closets by storm currently, and I can dig it.   And it's not necessary to go out and buy up a bunch of new items for this trend either (although there are some cute things out there so it might happen anyways!), I've taken to making a lot of my longer button downs a tie front by unbuttoning the last few and styling them like a tie front.  My blue top in this outfit is an example of this.  I've had this top for a long time, and I think making it a tie front is the cutest styling I've found for it. 

While there are a couple more things about this outfit I'm in love with, I'm feeling like this post might be getting a little long, so I'm going to bring it around to a close.  Thank you to all who are reading this right now, I am excited to be back here. 

Ta ta for now, 

- The Lovely Red Fox

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