Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Lovely Collection of Foxes

What's in a name?  The Lovely Red Fox has been a labor of love for me for around four years now, originating in college when I decided to
start making hats and delved into a branding endeavor that would suit my creations.  It became abundantly apparent to me in the years following, that the Lovely Red Fox wasn't just about hats, or really any one thing that I made — it was a personal brand.  I've seen a lot of bloggers talk about this, that for creative people it makes the most sense to brand yourself, not just each individual creative endeavor you take on.  I think this makes sense.  And while I could start businesses in the future, I think the brand of the Lovely Red Fox would still live on.  It singularly encompasses everything creative that I do.

"So why foxes?", you ask.  And I have to be honest, that's a hard one to answer.  I love foxes, I guess, is the best answer.  I think they're funny, quirky, and have a lot of energy.  And I guess that's how I feel about myself, or rather the outlook I want to have on life.  I want to always be excited to move forward, discover the world, and to live with a fearlessness.  Plus, foxes are adorable.  They're kind of like cats with cooler tails, and they're always jumping around.  

So of course having a blog called the Lovely Red Fox, one would have a fox collection.  I think my favorite fox item I own would be my sequin fox sweater (pictured below), that I got from Urban Outfitters a few years back.  Sequins are always big going into the fall + winter months, so I'm excited to bring this guy back out of storage for fall. :)

So here's to an ever- expanding collection of foxes!

- The Lovely Red Fox

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