Thursday, September 29, 2016

Wardrobe Staples 2.0

Welcome to wardrobe staples 2.0!  There are some pieces that just ground your wardrobe, that you wear over and over, that work with so many trends.  These are the MVP's of your closet.  And while
they might not be the singularly most interesting piece in your closet (or maybe they are!), they help you make many outfits winners.

1. The Black Fringe Bootie

This may be a little more fancy than the overall ideal here, but what I'm getting at is you can't go wrong with a pair of suede black booties for fall.  A small heel keeps them sharp but still comfortable, and they will go with everything. Seriously.  I got these last year for Christmas from Modcloth, and I think I've worn them more than any other pair of shoes I own.  They are the bees knees. 

2. The Button Front High Waist Denim

I love high waisted denim because they make sense for my height and body type, but in the general sense, a great pair of denim pants goes far.  They're great with printed crop tops for the summer, or oversized sweaters for the fall and winter.  I love this pair because they're just a little distressed and acid washed which adds some interest without being too distracting. 

3. The Thin Stripe Ringer Tee
This tee was a great purchase.  I think it was like $9, and boy am I glad I got it.  The thin stripe is definitely underrated.  It is the perfect thing to pair with a bold pattern.  It is your print mixing BFF.  If you are ever in a fitting room wondering whether you need this thin striped shirt because 'you have that other bold striped shirt already', and isn't it basically the same thing?  No.  It isn't.  It's like asking yourself if you shouldn't buy salt because you already have sugar at home.  Sure, they both season food, but one is going to taste good on your grilled steak and veggies, and the other one is just going to be awkward (but goes great on cookies and some fruit for after dinner).

4. The Black Crossbody Bag
Few bags are more versatile than the black crossbody bag.  Sometimes you need a giant tote bag purse for your laptop and notebooks and whatever else you need for your Mary Poppins bag life, but sometimes you also just need to go out to dinner or a concert or something and you don't want to drag that Mary Poppins bag around with you all night.  This is where the black crossbody bag comes into play.  It's small and versatile, and stays out of your way.

5. The Button Front Suede Skirt
My favorite.  The button front skirts are definitely in right now in a very big way.  I love a-line silhouettes, so I'm a big fan.  But aside from them being fun and trendy, they are also very versatile for a lot of outfits and allow other trendy pieces to stand on their own.  They have a great ability to take center stage when needed, and step aside when you have a really great piece to pair them with. 

- The Lovely Red Fox

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