Tuesday, November 25, 2014

DIY Thanksgiving Garland

Hey guys!  Who could believe that there's only a few days left until Thanksgiving??  In light of all the festivities, I decided to design a fun thanksgiving garland for you all to download if you like!  It's pretty
straightforward, just print out the pdf on any white or cream cardstock, cut out the shapes and string together with some thread or other string.   I provided white dots where you can either punch a hole with a mini hole puncher if you have one, or poke through with a pin.

Here I've used my favorite speckletone cardstock from French Paper because I already had some lying around the apartment, I think it gives it an extra special touch!  I made one of each shape on the pdf but you can make it your own, arrange them how you like, and use or not use any of them!  Happy last minute garland making!

Happy Holidays from
The Lovely Red Fox!

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