Thursday, November 13, 2014

Apartment Styling: Main Bedroom Wall

When it comes to decorating a living space, I tend to have a pretty eclectic approach.  I love mixing old things that tell a story with
newer, quirky pieces. I also enjoy adding in a plethora of reinvented things that I've made my own.   Thrifting or going to flea markets and envisioning something totally remade is thrilling to me— the prospect of a new project, and the ability to be totally creative and fearless.  

I'm sure it will change over time, but this is what the free wall in the bedroom looks like currently.  I'm kind of in love with the espresso/ cream color that the walls are painted in this room, and I wanted to keep with a calm color palette, hence the light blues, grays, and wood tones. 

UO Whale canvas print.  This was a gift to Drew for his birthday quite a few years back.  It's very striking when you walk in the room, and it's also quite lightweight and easy to hang.

Reupholstered chair from goodwill.  One of my DIY projects.  I found the chair at Goodwill, and it previously sported a more uncomfortable seat covered in a brown needlepointed flower.  I reinforced the padding in the cushion and also took the opportunity to reupholster it with an icy-hued damask silk for a more elegant look.

There are a lot of little details worked in here that hold different stories and memories, and one of them is this blue bookshelf.   This came from a house I lived in in college, and it provides a great space to display some of my favorite knick knacks I've collected over the years.  I love the height of this bookcase, the color, and the opportunity to treat the top of it much like a mantle. 

Owl sculpture. Gift from my grandparents.  I love this crazy thing.  It's the perfect thing to perch atop a bookcase or mantle for decoration. I love being able to take up wall space with something non-rectangular and three dimensional.

UO Terrarium.  I love my little terrarium!  Though I've failed at keeping pretty much any plant alive, the air plants I put in my terrarium make it the longest.  They come in a myriad of shapes and sizes and its fun getting to set up their little home amongst pebbles and fake moss!

World Market owl measuring cups.  From my mother.  These cute little owls are decorative and functional!

Peacock S & P shakers.  These cuties were found at an estate sale that I went to with my grandmother a couple years back.  I love them oh so much!!

Home Goods Glass Owl Vase.  If you've never been to the decorative glass plate and bowl section of Home Goods, you haven't lived.  I know their merchandise is always changing, but pretty much every time I've gone there I've found incredible pieces for unbelievable prices.    Also, have you caught on yet about my love for owls?  It's almost embarrassing. :)

Forever 21 Donut bank.  The quirkiest thing ever.  It's the perfect thing to save up for buying donuts with.

Jellyfish ink drawing on cardboard.   I made a handful of ink drawings of animals with abnormal features on cardboard during college, and I've hung on to them over the years.  I was fond of them, so I decided to frame the cardboard pieces and use them decoratively around the house.   It's a pretty easy project to do at home.  Perhaps one day I'll make a DIY about making one for yourself!

The other major focal element to this wall is the refinished mustache dresser.   Sometimes I'll stop in to Goodwill on a whim, and other times I'll revisit quite a few times to find that perfect starting piece.  This dresser had good bones and beautiful carvings, so all it took to create something fresh and new was some grey paint, cute UO mustache knobs, and chalkboard spray paint to cover up the formica top!

Owl figure from Drew's trip to Greece.   Fully aware of my affinity for owly things, Drew brought this back for me from his trip to Greece a few years back.  I love love love it and enjoy its friendly presence when I'm picking out jewelry in the morning. 

Scissors from Oh Hello Friend.  These aren't particularly sharp (probably because they're vintage), but they are the cutest little decorative sewing scissors ever.  I came across Oh Hello Friend at the Renegade Craft Fair last year, and just had to indulge!  It's become my tradition to try to pick up one small vintage trinket from the market each year, as well as something handmade or from an indie designer. 

Owl Mirror.  From my old roommate Alayna.  This awesome mirror was my roommate's from our senior year house, and when we moved out she offered it to me.  I love that it pulls a wood/ nature element into the room!

Squirrel Painting.  Made by my grandfather.  This little critter has followed me around for quite a while.  My grandpa has quite the artistic eye, and found interest in painting and metal art.  I love having pieces of family around the house, and this painting is one of my favorites. There will eventually be more to come with the apartment styling, but for now this is the most completed portion of the house!  Tune in later for more fun styling!

- The Lovely Red Fox


  1. I love all the owls! So fun. Your style is what I would love in my home, but I don't have nearly as good an eye as you. This is the cutest!
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

  2. I've been getting into interior design lately with my bedroom and it's always cool to see how everyone else decorates their spaces. I love the bookshelf! x Jenn | Every look tells a story.