Friday, August 21, 2020

Five Mermaid-y things in my Vintage Treasure Trove

Screen shot from Disney's The Little Mermaid

When I set out to start my vintage shop on Etsy, it was and has been indeed a labor of love.  But it was also a means to continue collecting vintage goodies past my breaking point.  I LOVE collecting old things that have some sort of beautiful or interesting quality, but at some point I hit the limit on filling our home with knick knacks!  I've filled so many of the surfaces in our home to their 'healthy capacity' as I like to think of it, and yet I don't want to stop hunting for gorgeous old things!  So in a way, it was a way for me to scoop up all the cool little vintage things and just be able to help them get to their next home.

And as we see in the movie The Little Mermaid, perhaps I run more than the red hair parallel to Ariel in that I've essentially got a treasure trove of old things stored up to admire!  

So today I've rounded up five of my favorite mermaid-y vintage goodies in my treasure trove to share with you!

Screen shot from Disney's The Little Mermaid

A Mirror and a Comb

Items mermaids are often associated with are those of vanity — many a mermaid sighting involved a lone mermaid spotted looking into a hand mirror and running a comb through her long locks.   One of my favorite items in my Etsy shop currently is this very old decorative vanity brush with an inlaid image of a vintage lady with very curly locks!   And from my personal collection, the below overly decorated golden vanity mirror is a perfect match for the ultimate mermaid vanity set!



A Nautical Jug

Mermaids have long been associated with shipwrecks, impending storms or as a bad omen when sailing the seas.  Perhaps mermaids are just so interested in these ships and happen to be there when things start to  head south!  Either way, this big jug with the image of a ship on it is sure to be a mermaid favorite, reminding them of the ever intriguing man made vessels!!

She  Sells  Sea  Shells

What mermaid cavern could be complete without something from close to home?  A small dish is great for storing more little trinkets and treasures, and even better when its a little shiny and made from iridescent shells!   

What is a Fire and How Does it Burn?

Every fully stocked mermaid cavern should have a nod toward that great mystery of things we sea creatures will never be able to understand.   Though we may never know what a fire is or how it 'burns', we can still pretend with a couple of candle sticks!


A Box to Store Little Things

And of course, it's always vital to have shiny boxes to store more treasures we might find throughout the seas, whether it be shells, rocks or pearls!   


To check out some of these treasures and more, click the link on the sidebar to check out my Etsy shop full of lots of vintage treasures!

Until Next Time, 

— The Lovely Red Fox

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