Thursday, November 15, 2018

Fleeting Foliage

If there's anything that has been a consistent pattern in my life, it is that of planning and re-planning.  When approaching any set of tasks, be it a work project, wedding planning, preparing Etsy listings or making a shooting schedule for this blog, taking a trip somewhere, or juggling school assignments back at
university, there always comes in an element of re-adjusting.  While I've learned and asserted it is always best to approach things with a clearly defined plan, some times (a lot of times) that plan will need some tweaking as you are executing it.  The same notion definitely applied to this week in my entrepreneurial life!  Lately I have been planning out my projects on an 8-day scale, and then adjusting day to day and usually making a whole new 8-day plan 4 days into the original!

This shoot was no different.  My original plan was to move from this striking red tree I've been passing by a lot recently on our walks, and then taking more images in the park across the street and in the background.  While we were pretty in love with this vibrant tree, the park in the distance yielded less pleasing results.  The angles weren't right, and the trees were holding less foliage than I had observed a few days prior (when I made my shooting schedule).

So suddenly we didn't have a good location for the rest of this post!  And we were on a time crunch! 



And so here comes in the rolling with the punches.  Ultimately, we were able to do a bit of exploring and came upon this little ivy covered gem.  This slightly turning ivy turned out to be a better locale than the park ever was, with way more variation in fall color happening.  Just goes to show sometimes even if you plan out everything, the world has a way of sending you on a different path!

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Until Next Time, 

- The Lovely Red Fox

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