Thursday, October 25, 2018

Velvet and Vines


As much as I'm loving the colorful reds, oranges and yellows in the trees, some of my favorite fall wardrobe options take the form of browns and neutrals.  I love finding the beauty in a simple monochrome palette
when it comes to launching into the cooler months.   This velvet dress and herringbone blazer combo has become one of my favorite outfits this season so far.  I found this dress at an moving sale while we were out on our morning walk one morning, so I don't actually know where it is from, but what a deal!  I got it for $7 and it's become an autumn staple for sure.

Additionally, this blazer is one of only two that I currently own.  I love the herringbone suiting fabric on it, and the cute buttons and peplum silhouette.  It's from Modcloth, and they certainly are winning at the blazer game these days.  They have a few styles currently and I love love love them so much.  I love that they have blazers that feature fun fabrications and patterns, because people, blazers can be so boring.  But Modcloth makes them awesome.





Until Next Time,

- The Lovely Red Fox

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