Thursday, October 4, 2018

Chicago Botanic Gardens, Pt. 2

A bit delayed from the last installment of our botanic garden adventures for sure, but it's rather apt seeing today's weather was up in the 80s again.  I'm sure I'll be taking the dive into fall for serious starting next
week, but I didn't want to skip on sharing these images from the gardens on here!  When we visited, there was such an expanse of life and color and art there, but when I got home and started going through my shots on the computer I started to draw two distinct color vibes forming.  One was the bright, lively reds and yellows that I featured on the previous post — that I felt married well with my lightweight rust jumper — the other was this moody lavender and blue-green tale.


These areas of the gardens had such a refined yet relaxed feel.  The colors and shapes paired
together were both calming and mysterious.  I especially loved how much could be done
with just shades of greenery.


The bonsai trees were one of our favorite parts of the gardens.  The trees they have at the gardens are exquisite and we were standing awe struck at their beauty.  So miniature yet so very old.  This particular garden had us yearning to be bonsai tree parents — but I think it would be smart for us to ensure that I can keep plants other than cacti alive before anyone trusts me with a bonsai tree.


Until Next Time, 

- The Lovely Red Fox

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