Friday, August 31, 2018

Follow Friday

Hello All and welcome to Follow Friday!

I'm starting this little series sharing some of my favorite instagram creatives that I follow to spread the love!  I'm really excited to share these talented people whose feeds I am so excited to see on the daily.  So without further ado, here are the lovely blogs and makers you should add to your instafeed!

Ghost Puff

- Mona K is the owner of this lovely insta-handle.  She makes the most lovely little illustrations and they always bring a smile to my face.  She is based Kranenburg, Germany.  From her custom illustrations to her fun embroidery hoops, she is always creating such joyful, fun-loving work.  Her shop is currently on vacation, but she will be back by the end of September, so definitely go check her out!!

Lily of the Moor

This beautiful instagram (@lilyofthemoor) is such a calming experience to scroll through.  This girl's instagram makes me want to go live in the mountainous countryside somewhere.  Lily is based in Bodmin Moor of the UK, and features her beautiful surroundings frequently on her instafeed.  Whenever I see one of her posts I feel like I've been lifted out of this city life and dropped somewhere so remote and serene.  Love her posts so much.

Another Seattle Artist

This wonderful maker is from Seattle (though I just saw on her most recent post she'll soon be moving to Portland!), and creates wonderfully whimsical pottery pieces.  Katie has such a creative and vibrant view on her ceramics work that looking at it feels like a breath of fresh air.


This artist is another one of my favorites to see in my feed.  I've recently been drawn a lot to weavings and fiber art, and this shop has been on the forefront of the inspiration.  I love her balance of color and weight of material, as well the videos she sometimes posts of her weaving some of her work.  They are mesmerizing!!  One day I would like to have some of Erin's beautiful work in my home!

Livvyland Blog

This wonderful instagram feed is one of casual lifestyle photography.  Olivia creates her blog from her home in Austin, TX and she focuses on casual style, her home, and travel.  It's so crazy to me how she makes all of her posts seem so effortless, when I know behind the scenes can be anything but.  She makes casual feel so purposeful and chic. It is an everyday inspiration, and one that is very approachable and relatable.  Love love love. 

Anna Sofia Park

And lastly, I will close with another lifestyle blog.  Anna calls Finland home, and her posts of quiet mornings with coffee or baked goods, are a dream.  She also does a number of outfit posts that are a joy to follow as well.  Her eye for details and small touches is so spot on.  Love!

Well that is all my favorites for this week!  But I am bound to do more posts like this in the future. Enjoy!

Ta ta for now,

- The Lovely Red Fox

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