Thursday, August 30, 2018

Early Mornings and Waves


Although I am quite partial to sleeping in, for years I worked at a job that got me up very early in the morning.  Because of this, I've also fallen in love with the magic that is the early morning.  Seeing the sun rise, watching the world come to life...  There is something truly special about being up and about bright and early.  I love the feeling, even if I have to push myself out of bed to get to it.  Often on our free days,
we have been getting up early, grabbing coffee, and getting our morning walk in.

Additionally, I've found that our beach is pretty vacant at 7am, and so I was able to skip on over to the shore to photograph this summer outfit before Chicago decides it is going to take its' plunge into fall. One trend I'm starting to see for fall is the long tailed scrunchie.  I figured this trend would go great for my summer outfit so I fashioned my own with a short kerchief scarf I had that I thrifted years ago.  Here's to taking the reigns on trends yourself!



Forever 21 romper, Crochet top, and Glasses | Thrifted Hair Kerchief | Vintage Necklace

Until Next Time, 

- The Lovely Red Fox

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