Friday, March 15, 2019

The Lovely Red Fox Turning Six

Today over here I'm happily celebrating the 6th birthday of this lovely little blog.  It's kind of fun looking back at how this blog has evolved over the last six years since I first started making this little space my
creative home.  I've put together some of my favorite styling photos over the last six years to share today to celebrate going into the 2019 season.   I can't wait to see what is to come this year!

Twenty Thirteen

I first started this little blog when I was fresh out of college.  Having majored in the arts, I knew I needed a consistent creative outlet going into 'life'.  I had worked as a sales associate in fashion during the last year of school, and so I had gathered some fashion experience from that avenue.  I first started this blog because I had seen other bloggers out there whose style I liked, and I wanted to be able to share my own.  I also used a account to show my outfits.   After shooting some fashion shoots with friends as models in college, I realized that the most available model to use was myself, and that my blog could be somewhat of a fashion journal, sharing some of my favorite trends and things from other aspects of my life.  I loved the idea of sharing fun things I found with others.

Twenty Fourteen

At the very tail end of 2013 I started as a Visual Merchandiser in the fashion industry.  I was fresh out of college and eager to learn.  I absorbed a TON of knowledge in merchandising and fashion trends. I was open to all sorts of new styles and trends that I wouldn't have otherwise found or tried out.   Somewhere around June of 2014 we moved up to the city and I transferred to a suburban location in merchandising.  I fell in love with all sorts of prints and silhouettes, and was unafraid to try any new trend.

Twenty Fifteen

After my first year of living near the city, I felt like I started to refine my style a bit more.  I felt confident mixing textures with patterns, and I felt like my outfits started to tell more of a story.  Whether it was a quirky bookish look, or a nautical vacation outfit, I felt confident dressing for occasions and embracing the trends I liked the most.  We also took a trip out to Maine that year and I loved being able to pack and style for a coastal adventure.  This was my first time on an airplane in ten years, so that thirst for adventure really took hold of me and I ran with it.  I really felt like that taste for adventure shone its way through on the blog that year. 

Twenty Sixteen

I think that this may have been my best year blogging to date.  I was so passionate and dedicated to everything I was working on in 2016, and the pages just feel like they are exploding with color.  But somehow it was also a very relaxed and confident year full of creativity.  I think that in 2016 I got to this great place where I felt not only open to trying new styles, but also more confident in myself and my image.   I feel like I was able to allow myself to wear more boho styles without feeling afraid of what I would look like, and I also started dyeing my hair red.  I think 2016 was really a year of confidence and growth.  And coming off of our Maine trip from the year before, Andrew and I took our first ever solo adventure, and we went to explore the redwoods in California.  That trip was incredible, and made even more so when Drew proposed at Enderts Beach.  2016 really was unforgettable. 

Twenty Seventeen

And then all that momentum kind of came to a screeching halt.

At the tail end of 2016,  I had some life transitions that were trying and challenging, and made it more difficult to get things together to keep up with the blog.  Work and life were getting to be A LOT, and I was BUSY all. the. time. So I decided to take pressure off of myself and stop blogging for a short time.  There were a lot of great things that happened that year, but most of it never showed itself up in this space.  We did a lot of traveling to the pnw with our wedding planning adventures, and I focused a lot of energy on work outside this space.  And while I get a little sad that I can't look back on any of it through this lens, I know that some really good things would've never happened if I hadn't taken that step back.  It was because of this hiatus that I finally decided I would start my Etsy shop, so I really have that break to thank for that, because my Etsy shop is really what has made my current life sustainable.  

Twenty Eighteen

In light of 2017, very early into 2018 I started reflecting a lot.  I started reflecting on being busy, on how my time was spent in life, and what brought me joy.   And I really feel like the result you see on the blog for this year shows that contemplation.  It shows that dedication to taking time to breathe.  i really feel that it has started moving my blog to a place where I'm refining what I want to say in this corner of the internet.  So much of the first few years was discovery, and I really feel that 2018 was the start of a really good thing for me.   Now I feel I've discovered and experienced a lot of things — and I still plan to continue exploring — but I'm also feeling like I can take my time and appreciate what I'm finding more.  I want to create something that people can come to and escape the 'busy" in their lives.  Somehow this blog in 2018 just feels.... lighter. 

Twenty Nineteen

So moving forward into 2019,  I am hoping to continue that dedication to the artful side of this blog.  I want my content to have a touch of contemplation to it.  I want it to allow you to step inside of another world.  I want to paint a story for those who come to read here, and give them something to come explore with me. 

Until Next Time, 

- The Lovely Red Fox

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