Thursday, June 14, 2018

My Summer Shoe Recs

Summer is (almost) here, and this marks the time for fun in the sun, lounging at the beach, and feeling that summer grass between your toes.  We throw on our flip-flops and head to the pool, or
grab your flats and walk up town for coffee with a couple friends.  And suddenly you realize that: A. Those fall and winter booties you've been clinging onto for the beginning of spring aren't really going to cut it with shorts or a sundress, and B. The summer shoes you have from last year are looking a bit sad because they got a lot of love last year.  

If you're anything like me, buying shoes is hard.  There are so many different occasions (especially in summer), and summer outfits that you want to buy shoes that are cute, comfortable, AND will go with a lot of outfits.  

So I thought I'd take the time and peruse some of my favorite clothing sites for what I thought looked like some cute summer shoes and put them all together here.  Disclaimer, I haven't tried any of these on, but I think they look cute (and potentially comfortable, but also everybody's feet are different, so comfortable could mean something totally different from you to me), and they look trendy for this summer!  I've also broken them down by style depending on what you're looking for more.  Have fun perusing the Lovely Red Fox shoe edit!  I also wanted to note that this post isn't sponsored at all (none of the companies who sell these shoes are paying me to link them), I just wanted to round up some cute lookin' shoes.  Also, all shoe images are taken from the website that is linked so any credit for the actual angles, etc. of shoes goes to them, I just put them in fun diagrams :).

Seychelles Hightly Touted FlatModcloth Sun Chaser Heel | Circus Nakita Platform Block Heel |
Restricted Celebrate Sunshine Wedge Sandal | Shein Bow Detail Ankle Strap Sandals |
Shein Pointed Toe Bow Slingbacks FlatsShein Square Toe Woven Flat Mules

Feminine  Sandals

One of the types of shoes you and I might be shopping for this summer are some pretty feminine shoes like these above!  Maybe you have a summer wedding to go to where you'd like a pretty espadrille heel, or some other dinner where you'd be dressed up, or you just want a cute pair of girly shoes to wear with a fun summer look.  I'm loving some of these easy to wear styles like the slip-on mules or the two sling back styles for easy walking around, and these two pairs of heels for a summery but elevated look that is neutral but a little different (remember denim is a neutral, so those blue heels could pair with a lot!).  Lastly, it's summer so bright colors are in!!!  A pop of red or mustard could be the perfect statement to your summer wardrobe.  

Shein Embroidery Detail Pointed Toe Suede FlatsChelsea Crew Deemed Dreamy Embroidered Flat |
Chelsea Crew Ever Elegant Embroidered Heel | Shein Pom Pom Detail Point Toe Flat Slippers |
Shein Shrimp Embroidery Flat Mules | Shein Flower Embroidery Flat Espadrilles

Quirky  Shoes

These shoes add a touch of whimsy to your summer wardrobe.   Embroidery is trending, so why not feature it on your shoes?  A fun lobster embroidered on your slip on shoes or a girly floral motif makes any outfit a conversation starter.   These could be great with some more simplified outfits, or you could really embrace the whimsy and go for some print mixing.  I can think of some great things to wear with these fun shoes.  The great thing is, a lot of these look very wearable, too.

Shein Khaki Lace Up Low Top SneakersKeds Energetic Addition Sneaker in Chambray |
Shein Two Tone Accent SneakersFrancesca's Rayza Flex SneakerBlowfish Skippin' Tips Ballet Flat 

The  Classic  Sneaker

I know, I know.  This is the summer shoe edit, right?  But let's be real — sometimes we are going to need some sneaker types during the warmer months too.  If you're on your feet a lot or going somewhere where you're doing a lot of walking or are worried about your shoes coming off your feet (roller coasters anyone?), you're going to need some shoes with more coverage that are more breathable.  That's why I'm adding in these cuties.  Some of them look to be more breathable materials, and they all look to be neutral, so hellooo versatility!!

Forever 21 Satin Woven SlidesShein Gold Plated Ankle Cuff Flat SandalShein Pointed Toe Slingback Flats |
Forever 21 Metallic Faux Leather Sandals | Francesca's Report Seville Thong Sandal |
Shein Tassel Detail Flat Sandals | Forever 21 Yoki Colorblocked Metallic Heels 

Modern  Shoes

These are for all you minimalists out there.  While I love a good fun and quirky shoe, sometimes minimalism is refreshing.  These styles range from casual to more dressy, but all keep that minimal and metallic vibe at heart.  I could see those slingback flats for the office, the rose gold heels for a wedding, the Seville sandal for a day at the beach, and the ankle cuff sandals for a nice dinner out up town.  I'm loving how versatile this trend can be :).

Shein Asymmetrical Strappy Slide SandalModcloth Knots on Knots Sandal | Shein Three Strap Slide Sandal |
Modcloth Crocheting at Play Boho SandalModcloth Inviting Optimism Strappy SandalLoly in the Sky Style Mews Sandal | Dirty Laundry Edina Sandal | Rampage Janda T-strap SandalDaedra Woven Stretch Slide Sandals

Casual  Sandals

And finally, the piece de resistance, the ever popular category of the casual sandal.  Sometimes we just need some summer sandals.  You might need to run to the grocery store but you don't want to throw on socks or deal with heels.  You need something casual, comfortable, and easy to deal with.  But hey, it can be cute too, right?  All these styles seemed to fit the bill to me.  They have a little bit of personality, but they all look to fit the basic needs of the casual sandal.  


So there you have it: my summer sandal love list.  Hopefully this is helpful for anyone looking for shoes this season!  

Till next time, 

- The Lovely Red Fox


  1. Ahhh these are all so cute and perfect for summer, I can't choose a favourite! I really love the espadrille style, slip on shoes though :D they are so beautiful! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (I would love to follow each other on bloglovin if you like :D)

    1. Those are one of my favorites too :)

      I followed you on Bloglovin'!

      Have a great day!

  2. Great post! These shoes are all essentials for the summer - you made a great list of them! :) I honestly think my favorite ones are the lobster shoes haha... Thanks for sharing!
    -Jenna <3
    Follow me back? The Chic Cupcake

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